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Brand New Samsung OEM Original 2.5mm Handfree Headset BLUE

Brand New Samsung OEM Original 2.5mm Handfree Headset BLUE

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  • Make phone calls or listen to audio files on your Samsung Phones
  • Connect with 2.5mm Jack.
  • Conveniently located one button control for Answering, ending and muting phone calls
  • Compact, lightweight design
  • Compatible with Cell phone with 2.5mm Jack.
  • Samsung 6100, A650, A660, A690, A960, S300, S307, U810, Gleam, Juke, Knack, Flipshot, Helio Drift, Helio Heat, Eternity, Messager, Glyde, Alias 2, Snap, Rant, Renown, Telus, JetSet, Smooth, Muse, IP-830w, IP-A790, MM-A700, MM-A800, MM-A880, MM-A900, MM-A920, MM-A940, MM-A960, PM-A840, SCH-2500, SCH-3500, SCH-410, SCH-411, SCH-600, SCH-620, SCH-6100, SCH-810, SCH-850, SCH-8500, SCH-A310, SCH-A530, SCH-A530s, SCH-A570, SCH-A610, SCH-A630, SCH-A645, SCH-A650, SCH-A670, SCH-A690, SCH-A770, SCH-A790, SCH-A795, SCH-A850, SCH-A870, SCH-A890, SCH-A930, SCH-A950, SCH-A955, SCH-A970, SCH-A990, SCH-i300, SCH-I600, SCH-I645, SCH-I730, SCH-I760, SCH-i770, SCH-I830, SCH-N150, SCH-N330, SCH-N370, SCH-R210, SCH-R211, SCH-R450, SCH-R550, SCH-T100, SCH-T300, SCH-U310, SCH-U340, SCH-U350, SCH-U410, SCH-U430, SCH-U470, SCH-U520, SCH-U540, SCH-U550, SCH-U620, SCH-U700, SCH-U706, SCH-U750, SCH-U810, SCH-U900, SCH-U940, SGH-3500, SGH-A227, SGH-a867, SGH-C207, SGH-C225, SGH-C416, SGH-C417, SGH-D347, SGH-D357, SGH-D406, SGH-D407, SGH-D410, SGH-D415, SGH-E335, SGH-P735, SGH-P777, SGH-T309, SGH-T319, SGH-X475, SGH-X495, SGH-X496, SGH-X497, SGH-X506, SGH-X507, SPH-A290, SPH-A400, SPH-A420, SPH-A460, SPH-A500, SPH-A503, SPH-A540 SPH-A560, SPH-A580, SPH-A600, SPH-A620, SPH-A640, SPH-A660, SPH-A680, SPH-A700, SPH-A720, SPH-A740, SPH-A760, SPH-A790, SPH-A800, SPH-A820, SPH-A840, SPH-A880, SPH-A900, SPH-A920, SPH-A940, SPH-A960, SPH-I300, SPHI330, SPH-I500, SPH-I550, SPH-I600, SPH-I830, SPH-M100, SPH-M220, SPH-M300, SPH-M320, SPH-M500, SPH-M540, SPH-N200, SPH-N240, SPH-N270, SPH-N300, SPH-N400, SPH-Z400, VI-660, VGA1000, VM-A680

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    Brand New Samsung OEM Original 2.5mm Handfree Headset BLUE